SharePoint connection: Unable to connect to a SharePoint Online site (Office 365)

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 7.x, 6.x


Why am I unable to login to my Office 365 SharePoint site using SPListX? I can connect using the same URL and username / password combination from my browser.


While attempting to connect to a SharePoint Online site (Office 365), you can use “Use federated authentication (Web Single Sign-on) to connect to SharePoint” option under SharePoint user credential section in SPListX application. This option is specifically provided to connect to SharePoint Online sites that use federated identity.

Additionally, SPListX uses the specified firewall settings (Proxy Server as in IE settings or manually defined in SPListX). The user account for proxy access is described below:

  • If you have used ‘Use currently logged on user credential’ under ‘Proxy Credential’ in ‘Proxy Settings’ dialog, the user account refers to the currently logged on user.
  • If you have used any specific user profile, the user account is the user configured in the profile.


You can refer SPListX Features–>Proxy Server Settings section in the online help document of SPListX for more details on how to configure proxy settings in SPListX.