Advanced Copy Permissions: Copying Folder Permissions from a Folder Template structure to other folders

A new version of NTFS Security Management Suite v2.5 has been released recently to copy permissions from one shared folder to many shared folder(s). The new feature named as “Copy Permissions – Advanced”, allows a baseline security template to be applied to other folders that carry the same or similar structure to that of the […]

Microsoft 365 reports: Essential reports in a single click

Companies across industries and their administrators, CEOs, CIOs would like to get certain important reports about their Microsoft 365 Exchange online environment for measuring certain valuable metrics that indicate the business productivity and operational performance. In some cases these reports are also important for certain budgetary allocations, for example, reports such as the size of […]

Microsoft Teams Best Practices and How-to tips?

In order to extract the full potential of Microsoft Teams, it is important to follow many of the best practices when implementing and using Microsoft Teams, in order to have a smooth and efficient management of MS Teams later. A quick checklist for best practices in Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams channel names Managing notifications in […]

Do I need Planning even if I have a SharePoint Migration Tool?

Is SharePoint Migration just a small technical job or is it a process that entails the inputs of several different stake holders of an organization? Migration provides yet another opportunity to fully realize and further improve a company’s collaboration, productivity and content management processes. A thorough and detailed SharePoint migration planning not only improves the […]

Auditing and reporting your Microsoft Azure Environment – Why?

With the IaaS market picking up momentum, Microsoft Azure has grown significantly across several verticals. Azure adoption and growth has opened up to create the same needs of an On-premises infrastructure, that is, the requirements for Azure security, Azure usage, Azure compliance auditing, Azure reporting and analytics across all Azure services. According to Microsoft earnings […]

Management Tools for Office 365

To keep your Office 365 environment secure and compliant, it is vital to manage each and every element of office 365 in your organization with utmost care and scrutiny.  Microsoft provides two native Office 365 management tools which helps Office 365 admins in managing Office 365 in their organization. Office 365 Admin Center Microsoft System […]

How To Plan Your SharePoint 2019 Migration?

Having plans for migrating to SharePoint 2019? Have you decided about the method of migration to be used while making the move to SharePoint 2019? You should first get to understand factors that require consideration before moving to SharePoint 2019. We have discussed these below, which give you some idea on how to initiate your […]

How to Audit Active Directory User Accounts Changes?

As part of managing security and compliance in your IT environment, it is vital to audit and track all the changes happening in AD user accounts. There are a few important changes in user accounts you must consider auditing all AD events related to user accounts to identify and prevent potential security threats. Some of […]

Migrate SharePoint to Office 365

A number of companies are planning to migrate from SharePoint on premises to Office 365, due to the perceived benefits of Office 365 over On-premises such as better collaboration and productivity, improved security and reduced cost of SharePoint management. O365 adoption rates are increasing steadily day by day. Here are the top 5 reasons of […]

How To Migrate legacy InfoPath forms into Office 365?

As we all know, Microsoft is working on new forms technology across SharePoint, Access and Word to deliver more integrated Office forms user experience. Microsoft officially retired InfoPath for Office 365 platform, but recommended none as a replacement of it till now. Instead, Microsoft encourages InfoPath customers to continue using InfoPath tools until further notice. […]

How To Manage Office 365 Licenses?

Now that Microsoft Cloud offering is getting settled and mature, administrators have now started looking at optimization and monitoring of Usage of Office 365 services. One of the important tasks for administrators is to constantly monitor the usage of Office 365 licenses in their Organization, validate the paid subscriptions with the usage and analyze if […]

Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool vs Vyapin DocKit Migrator

Microsoft has recently released its latest version of SharePoint Migration tool available free of cost to their customers. You can use Microsoft’s SharePoint Migration tool to migrate content (folders and documents) to SharePoint Online along with basic metadata. However, the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool may fall short if you have a complex or metadata intensive […]

SharePoint Migration vs Upgrade: When it is Recommended?

An overwhelming phase of every organization is deciding the right path to adopt a new version of SharePoint, either it is on-premises or online. SharePoint admins will have a dilemma whether to migrate or upgrade SharePoint? Before making a decision, proper analysis of the current SharePoint environment and understanding the difference between migration and upgrade […]

How To Manage Office 365 Licenses Using Groups?

The biggest challenge for any Office 365 Administrators, is managing Office 365 licenses purchased by their Organization effectively. So far the Office 365 admin center doesn’t provide much options to automate Office 365 license assignment effectively. For smaller tenants, manual process provided by Office 365 admin center should suffice. For larger Organizations, automating license assignments […]