NTFS Change Auditor

File access auditing and monitoring tool
Track & report all changes in windows server files, folders and shares

NTFS Change Auditor is a file access monitoring tool to track and audit file and folder access and changes made to NTFS Shares, Folders and files in your servers and workstations. This file access monitoring tool audits all file server changes by collecting file server activity in real time from the Security Event log and report who accessed what, what exactly changed and when the change was made. The NTFS file system auditor also maintains a complete history of all changes made in windows server. Vyapin NTFS Change Auditor simplifies HIPAA and SOX compliance tasks and significantly reduces the time spent on assessing internal security threats.

Why Use Vyapin NTFS Change Auditor?

While using native auditing file server tool, you have to put a lot of effort and time to produce human-readable reports on what activity and when performed by which users in NTFS file system. By Auditing & monitoring network file access in windows using Vyapin windows server security audit tool, you can answers important questions about file and folder access by users and changes made in your NTFS Shares, Folders and Files.

What File Access & Changes Reports you will get?

To identify and track the impact of file server changes that affect other IT systems and applications in terms of access rights, an organization must have a powerful folder and file server change tracking tool. Vyapin’s NTFS change auditing tool, allows you to audit and monitor file access & track changes in windows server with the following list of reports:

Audit file access and monitor changes in windows server

Benefits of NTFS Change Auditing Tool

Using Vyapin's file access monitoring software, you can monitor network file access, audit file & folder changes, ntfs permission changes etc and determine the scope and extent of file and folder access activities happening in windows network.
  • Search & Cleanup Change History

    Powerful Search queries to search & view your entire file server Change History - search for event IDs, date range, host names and free text.
  • Folder & File Access / Permission & Ownership Change Reports

    What exactly is changed in files and folders, along with Old Value and New Value, when the change was made, where the change was made in File Server and who has accessed and made the changes in the File Server.
  • NTFS Change History Reports

    Get NTFS Changes History and user access data for several years in a SQL database for security, forensic analysis and compliance purposes.
  • NTFS Security Data Collection

    Integrated Data collection from Security Event Logs of multiple hosts for the configured event IDs.
  • Share Activity Reports

    When and who made the changes in NTFS Shares along with Share Name, Local Path and Client Address etc.

Platforms Supported by NTFS Change Auditor

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008