A Must Have Auditing and Reporting Tool for Azure

Report about different resource elements in Azure such as Subscriptions, Groups, Virtual Machines, Storage Accounts, Activity Logs, Networking, SQL and Access Control List.

Why Vyapin Azure Reporting Tool?

  • Azure Subscriptions

    Know about the details of all subscriptions in Azure environment.
  • Azure AD Groups

    Get to know what groups are created, deleted and members added/removed in Azure AD groups.
  • Azure Virtual Machines

    Report and manage all Virtual Machines in your Azure environment.
  • Azure Storage Accounts

    View the list of all storage accounts in Azure in a single click.
  • Azure Activity Logs

    Know what is happening in your Azure environment by auditing Activity Logs.
  • Azure Networking

    Know the infrastructure and the connected networks in Azure and manage it.
  • Azure SQL

    Get reports about SQL databases and their size, added in Azure.
  • Schedule Reports

    Schedule Azure reports to collect data & report about Azure on daily or weekly basis.
  • Azure Access Control List

    Manage Access Control List in Azure and get report about ACLs to identify the discrepancy.

What You Can Report in Azure?

Azure Reports

  • Azure Subscriptions Report
  • Azure Groups Report
  • Azure Virtual Machines Report
  • Azure Storage Accounts Report
  • Azure Activity Logs Report
  • Azure Cloud Services Report
  • Azure Networking Report
  • Azure SQL Report
  • Azure Access Control List Report
  • Azure Resource Groups Report
  • Etc...

Features of Azure Reporting Tool

Azure Activity Logs

Get insights about all the activities that are happening in Azure and track what, when and who performed the operation on the resources in your subscription within a date range and its status, etc.
Displays all VM Hosts and VMs in all domains in your network

Access Control Lists

VM Access Control Lists

Review the level of access to the vm resources a user, group, service principal or managed identity has. The report displays the following details: VM Name, Status, Location, Deployment Model, Account Name, Account Type, Role Assignment Name, Created by, Created on, Resource Group Name, Subscription Name, Subscription Id.

Azure Task Manager

Using Azure Task Manager, you can create, edit, delete and schedule tasks. Get summary information of all the Created, modified, deleted and scheduled tasks in single window. Also, you can view and export each and every scheduled tasks reports generated.
Displays all VM Hosts and VMs in all domains in your network