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SharePoint Online Reporting: Automated Office 365 SharePoint Reports for Discovery, Audit, Analytics, Security & Compliance

Vyapin SharePoint Online reporting tool provides important information about Inventory, Security and Usage of your Office 365 content. You can get insights into how your Site collections, Sites, Lists and Libraries have been configured, their permissions and so on.

You can get specific security reports that analyze your SharePoint Site Security Access Roles and rights by users / groups and by Sites and Lists. You can get reports on One Drive for Business and how users are using their One Drives.

Try Vyapin SharePoint Online reporting tool now and get valuable insights for efficient management of your SharePoint Online, such as:

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SharePoint Online User Permissions Reports on Folders, Sites, Libraries, Files & Documents

Documents and Libraries are always shared with external and internal users in a collaborative platform like Office 365 SharePoint. From a security standpoint, most potential breaches start with access permissions that are not regulated. In order to streamline all access permissions to SharePoint online, you can use the effective permissions reports for sites, users & groups, lists, folders and list items that give you the detailed information assigned on the SharePoint objects namely, lists, folders and list items, with the level of permissions assigned and whether these permissions are assigned directly or through a SharePoint group.

One Drive Permissions of Folders and Files for Users in Office 365

Who have access to other OneDrive sites within Office 365? Similar to shared SharePoint content, One Drive for Business also needs to be monitored regularly for potential security threats. OneDrive User Permissions report shows the list of folders and files in all personal OneDrive sites to which a user has access to. It also shows the access rights of user accounts to folders and files of other users in their OneDrive sites.

SharePoint Online Security Reports for Sites and One Drive for Business

The OneDrive Non-Owner Permissions report shows the list of users who are not owners but have access to the folders and files within the personal site of a particular user. It displays users with permissions assigned on folders and files of a personal OneDrive store. Another useful report is the OneDrive Permissions report that shows OneDrive site-based access rights. This report shows the list of users who have access to any particular OneDrive personal site within Office 365.

SharePoint Online Usage Reports on Lists, List items and Sites

A full inventory of SharePoint Office 365 gives you reports on how your organization has structured its content for collaboration and how they are being used. The List, List Item and Site inventory reports gives you the detailed information about the lists, list items and sites that are available in your SharePoint online environment along with their usage details.

SharePoint Online Security Auditing, Reporting & Monitoring

The tool offers several out-of-the-box reports for Office 365 SharePoint management and compliance. Click here to know more.

List of SharePoint Online Reports

SharePoint Online Configuration Reports for Sites, Lists, etc.

Using Office 365 SharePoint Configuration Reports, You can get General Settings information about the SharePoint List, all the List Templates, Site Templates, Site Columns, Site Settings, Site Content Types available in the SharePoint Site, Workflow Templates configured in each site collection, Workflows configured in each site, all the Web Parts available in each site, user who created the web part etc.

Security Reports for SharePoint Online Sites, Lists, Users, Groups etc.

With Office 365 Security Reports for SharePoint Online, You can get reports about the Effective Permissions of Sites, Lists, List Items, Folders, Users and Groups, Lists & Sites with no unique securable objects, unique securable objects with empty permissions, Group Ownership, Limited Access Permissions and more.

SharePoint Online Reports for Configuration and Inventory

Office 365 inventory management will become easy by using inventory reports for SharePoint Online. You will get all the inventory about your SharePoint Online Sites, Lists and List Items in detail. To name a few such as permissions, Total count, Created / Modified dates, Groups or Users and size.

OneDrive for Business Usage Reports in SharePoint Online

Audit OneDrive for business and get reports about OneDrive Permissions, OneDrive User Permissions, OneDrive Non-Owner Permissions, Site Collection administrator access, Top OneDrive users by usage, OneDrive storage and Inactive OneDrive users.

SharePoint Online Files and Folder Recent Activity Reports

With the help of activity reports for SharePoint Online, You can get recently checked in / checked out files, Recently copied / moved files, Recently downloaded / uploaded files, Recently accessed / modified / renamed files, Recently deleted / restored files in SharePoint Office 365.

SharePoint Online Administration for Recent Activities

Get SharePoint online recent activity reports such as recently created / deleted / updated group, recently added site collection admin access, recently created site collection, recently added / removed user or group to SharePoint group, Modified site permissions in SharePoint Online.