Configuration Reports for SharePoint Online

When you migrate to SharePoint online, the configuration Site collections, Sites, Lists and Libraries have to be reconfigured a bit appropriately from what it was in SharePoint on premises. Configuration details include Site settings, Template settings, Workflow settings, email and other messaging settings and so on. These settings play an important role in maintaining security and compliance in SharePoint online. The settings also give administrators certain control in how SharePoint office 365 content is used in sharing and collaboration.

SharePoint online configuration reports for documentation by Admins

Site Columns Report

Displays a list of Site Columns along with Groups name and Description.
SharePoint Online Site Columns Report

SharePoint Site Content Types Report for Office 365

Site Content Types Report

Lists all Site Content Types (default, custom content types).

Site Settings Report

Basic Site configuration details presented
Report about SharePoint Online Site Settings

Office 365 Site Templates Report

Site Templates Report

Tells what template is used in each of the listed SharePoint online sites.

List General Settings Report

This report displays general settings information about the lis. Other information like Web Url, Web Title, Base Template, List Name, Description, Attachments Enabled, On Quick Launch Bar, Permission Inheritance, Versioning Enabled, Minor Versions Enabled can also be viewed.

List Templates Report

This report displays information about all the list templates available in the site. Other information like Web Url, Web Title, List Template, Internal Name, Description, Type, Base Type, On Quick Launch, Is Custom Template are also shown in this report.

Site Collection Workflow Templates

This report shows the list of information about the workflow templates configured in each site collection. Other information like Web Url, Web Title, Workflow Template Name, Description, Association are also displayed in this report.

Site Workflows Report

This report displays the information about workflows configured in each site. Other information like Web Url, Web Title, Name, CreatedBy, CreatedDate, ModifiedBy, ModifiedDate, Description, WorkflowType, IsReusable, AssociationUrl, InitiationUrl can also be viewed.

Web Parts Report

This report provides information all the web parts available in each site, user who created the web part etc. Other information like Web Url, Web Title, Web Part Title, Web Part Name, Parent Folder, Author, Created Date, Last Modified Date, Last Modified By, Size can also be viewed.