Office 365 Manager

Office 365 Management – Automated Office 365 Solution for Administration, Governance, Security and Compliance

Vyapin Microsoft 365 Manager is a one-stop O365 solution that bridges the gaps in native Office 365 Portal to manage Users, Groups, Licenses, Permissions & More.

The software provides automated features for Office 365 License Management, User provisioning and deprovisioning in bulk, administration of Users, Groups, including Security groups and Distribution groups, and mailbox permissions management without using Powershell scripts.

With complete audit trails for all administrative tasks, you can manage Office 365 straight from the Desktop in just a few clicks ensuring that the health and security of your Office 365 is never compromised.
Realizing the promise of Office 365
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Managing Users and Groups in Office 365 Better & Faster

When it comes to automation and administrative tasks that can be done in bulk, the native Office 365 Management portal falls short in several areas. When provisioning users, administrators must perform a series of tasks that allows users to get going with their work from day one without wait. Vyapin Microsoft 365 Manager allows users to be provisioned in several steps. An important requirement for administrators in Office 365 User management is selecting groups of users to perform actions on them. Administrators need the ability to select groups of users based on their roles or attributes and update their properties interactively in bulk. When the Office 365 tenant has thousands of users, it is important that administrators have a tool to select subsets of users in several different ways and perform actions on only a specific group of users. Vyapin Microsoft 365 Manager provides one of the most powerful and flexible ways of selecting users based on their groups, roles, Azure AD attributes and so on, in short, a rule-based selection of users.

Office 365 User Provisioning

Before provisioning users, Office 365 admins usually have a predefined set of actions to perform while creating the users. It is highly desirable that these set of actions be done routinely repeated at different times of user creation. With Vyapin Microsoft 365 Manager provisioning tool, the following tasks may be performed:

Office 365 User Deprovisioning

When an employee leaves the organization, it is important for administrators and line managers to protect any confidential data (documents and other shared content). A user account that is removed without security best practice procedures can result in data loss and security breaches. The most important aspects to look into when deprovisioning a user in Office 365 are the user’s mailbox, personal One Drive storage and SharePoint documents and libraries.Some of the following steps are important before deleting a user account:

Vyapin Microsoft 365 Manager offers a whole set of deprovisioning steps (like the above) which administrators may selectively use to deprovision Office 365 users.

Efficient Office 365 License Management – Assign, Remove & Recycle O365 User licenses effectively

Automated Office 365 Management - without using PowerShell