How To Deprovision Users in Office 365?

With the evolution of cloud enabled corporate workplace, your business information is likely accessed by more people from different devices than ever before. However, this increased access also increases the vulnerability of your IT environment to security breaches and data thefts. There are multiple challenges in governing a cloud based environment like Office 365. Most of these challenges are more due to non-availability or unenforced policies that govern user access and behavior within the organization. It has become a responsibility for the administrators to effectively monitor and safeguard the Organization’s sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access and other security breaches. One particular aspect of security threat is related to users leaving or moving around within the organization. For example, when an employee decides to leave the organization or terminated under unfavorable circumstances it is important that the administrator performs a series of tasks as a policy to deprovision the user. Before deleting the user, one or more of these tasks may be performed as per the needs of the organization.

In Office 365, the following are some of the most important tasks that an Office 365 Administrator must perform to deprovision a user.

  • Reset user password
  • Remove access from user mobile device
  • Replace user account with another account
  • Archive user OneDrive content if any
  • Remove email forwarding
  • Forward user incoming emails to another mailbox if required
  • Convert user mailbox to shared mailbox if required
  • Remove user from distribution groups
  • Remove user from admin roles
  • Delete user account

Why a proper Deprovisioning procedure for an Office 365 user is important and necessary?

When someone leaves the organization, it is important to make sure that you secure any confidential data (documents and other shared content). An improperly deprovisioned user can results in data loss and security breaches. The most important touch points in Office 365 are the user’s mailbox, personal One Drive storage and SharePoint documents and libraries.

How to Deprovision Users?

Organizations that have a business need to deprovision user from Office 365 may use the Office 365 Portal to get this process manually done or they may use a third-party tool to automate the entire deprovisioning process. Vyapin Microsoft 365 Management Suite has a powerful tool to deprovision users from Office 365. The best part about this product is that it works right off your desktop giving complete visibility into your Office 365 environment within a few clicks instead of the cumbersome and laborious set of actions required within the Office 365 portal (especially in the context of a large number of Office 365 users).

Deprovision users

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