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Microsoft 365 Audit Reports - Managing Office 365 Security and Compliance using O365 Audit Logs

Office 365 Activity Reports with full automation to ease your O365 Security and Compliance Management.

Office 365 Administrators and Managers very often face the question of who deleted or checked out a document or who assigned a license to a user or who had added or removed members from a Distribution group or who had downloaded some sensitive documents recently in Office 365?

The Audit and Compliance Reports module in Vyapin Microsoft 365 Management Suite helps you track down and monitor critical activities in your Office 365 cloud environment.

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Once you activate Auditing in your Office 365, the voluminous number of events generated in the Office 365 Audit logs make it highly restrictive with limits on how many days of data can be stored in the logs. The native Office portal to analyze the Office 365 Activity logs is also too simple to handle complex data handling and analytical scenarios. While PowerShell does alleviate some of these problems, it again requires time and effort to extract, store and analyze O365 activity data at an Enterprise level. Vyapin Microsoft 365 Audit Reports handles all the complexities and generates ready-to-use reports in just a few clicks.

The Security and Compliance Reports come with a variety of built-in reports and charts about File and Folder activities, Sharing and Access Request activities, and other Office 365 activities such as Site Administration, Exchange Mailbox Events, User Administration, Group Administration and Role Administration. You can also create custom queries on activity events and generate customized reports unique to your organization and automate these reports for delivery at periodic intervals of time.

Office 365 Activity Reports – Security and Compliance reporting simplified

File and Folder Activity Reports

File and Folder events displays information about the list of file events that has occurred in your SharePoint Online sites like recent file check-in and check-outs, recently copied / moved files, recently downloaded / uploaded files, recently accessed / modified files, and top users who have performed file activities recently.

Sharing and Access Request Activity Reports

Sharing and Access Request activities display event information about the created / accepted access requests to access the SharePoint Online sites, created / accepted Sharing invitations, created / used anonymous links etc.

Site Administration Reports

Security, Users, Groups and Content activities

Site Administration reports display event information about the recently created / deleted / updated groups, added site collection administrator access, created site collections, modified site permissions, recently added / removed users from a SharePoint group etc.

Exchange Mailbox Activities

Security and Mail traffic activities

Exchange Mailbox reports display event information about user sign-in events, mails sent using the Send As and Send on behalf permissions etc.

User Administration

Password Changes, User Login and Account activities

User Administration reports display event information about recently added / deleted users from tenant, recent password and license changes, user login activity, failed login activity, user account locked activity due to multiple failed logins etc.

Group Administration

Group Administration reports display event information about recently added / removed groups, recently added / removed members from groups etc.

Role Administration

Role Administration reports display event information about recent changes to Roles like adding / removing roles for a user etc.

List of Audit and Compliance Reports

Office 365 User Administration

Sharing and Access Request Activities

SharePoint Online Site Administration

File and Folder Activities by User

Exchange Online Mailbox Activities

Office 365 Group Administration

Office 365 Role Administration