Active Directory Change Tracker

An Advanced Active Directory Auditing Tool

Track & Audit Active Directory Users Last Logon & Changes Made by Users, etc.

Change Management and Activity logging are important components in Enterprise systems management and are required to meet your organization’s IT Audit, Compliance and regulatory needs such as SOX and HIPAA. Vyapin Active Directory Change Tracker is a must-have Active Directory management tool. This tool performs a complete audit of all activities, including critical changes in your Active Directory by logging and tracking AD, analyzing AD changes and reports all activities happening in your Active Directory. The tool tracks all changes made to your Active Directory by periodically collecting all activity events in your AD, reporting what exactly changed, along with the new and old values, when the change was made, where the change happened in your Active Directory and who made the change by looking up your audit-enabled Active Directory Security Event logs.

Active Directory Audit Software – Why do you need it?

Highlights of Active Directory Auditing Software

  • AD Object Audit Report

    Report on AD objects about who created / what modified / when deleted, AD User logon / logoff activities, AD Password changes & Terminal Services activities (User disconnected and re-connected to the session) from the occurrence of specific Event ID(s) in domain controller(s).
  • AD Audit Change History Search

    Search your entire Change History using powerful Search criteria – search for user last login, Password changes, additions, deletions and modifications on specific users, groups, OUs, object property values etc.
  • Track and Audit all AD Changes

    Track and audit all changes made to Active Directory, across your enterprise. Track changes to critical OUs and containers.
  • Full AD Audit Events History Search

    Search your entire Events History using powerful Search criteria – search to see users last logon date and time events, event IDs, date range and domains.
  • Granular OU Reporting

    Selectively audit & report changes on OUs and other containers with export and email option.
  • Real Time AD Audit Events Alert

    Get Real Time Alerts about all the events happening in your Active Directory environment instantaneously through emails as soon as they occur. Helps you to proactively manage inadvertent changes and continuously monitor your Active Directory Security.
  • Full AD Audit about Critical Changes

    Know about all critical changes and activities that happened in your AD environment by finding out What the activity was, When the activity took place, Where and Who made changes to the Active Directory.
  • Domain Controllers Audit Report

    Capture Security event log audit records of changes from all DCs in your domain (since event log data is not replicated).
  • Incremental AD Audit Data Collection

    Only incremental AD Activity audit data is collected during each run. Creates very little additional load on the domain controllers.
  • Search, Filter & Analyze AD Audit Change History

    Using predefined search criteria, filter and analyze all the past changes made in Active Directory.

Benefits of Auditing Active Directory Using Vyapin’s ADCT