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Catering to the needs of IT users, administrators and decision makers, the news updates are designed to acquaint professionals with what’s happening at Vyapin, as well as with our latest on offer, which are among the best in the market. This email communication helps you find intelligent and cost-effective solutions to your pressing problems and covers all your needs regarding Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Windows server infrastructure.

Previous Issues
Heat on to migrate to SharePoint

Made in the Shade Migrations

When the heat was on to migrate to a new SharePoint environment using only limited resources, the team at one natural gas distribution company looked to Vyapin and Dockit Migrator for assistance.The result: An easy migration that was made in the shade.read more
High Speed Bulk Migration Tool for Office365

High Speed Bulk Migration Tool for Office365

Dockit 365 Migrator is a high speed bulk migration tool exclusively designed for Office 365. Dockit 365 helps to migrate contents from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, while preserving file properties and associated metadata.read more
Migrate Content to OneDrive for Business

Migrate Content to OneDrive for Business

Dockit for SharePoint application helps you migrate contents from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to microsoft sharepoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007, SharePoint Online (Office 365) and OneDrive for Business, while preserving NTFS permissions, file properties and associated metadata.read more
McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd

Move data to a well structured SharePoint

An excellent professional reputation doesn’t come without paying attention to every detail. Find out how McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd. effectively used Vyapin’s DocKIT to see the big picture and drill into the details during the migration to a well-structured SharePoint environment.read more
ECG Management Consultant

A Second Opinion Saves Time and Money

A well-maintained and easy to-manage intranet is an important system for this healthcare management consulting firm to keep staff and consultants efficient in delivering exceptional client solutions. After maintaining multiple versions of SharePoint, it was time to take full advantage of a move to a feature-rich collaboration environment and standardize on a single platform. ECG Management Consultants use Dockit Migrator for a successful migration.read more

On the Move to Business Benefit with Vyapin’s Dockit

Time is always tight when the job is to move goods into and out of a country. Business processes need to be at their most efficient. The same holds true for moving documents during a migration project. Read this customer scenario to find out how one organization undertook a project using Vyapin’s Dockit and realized more business benefit, on a shorter timeline for a fast and efficient migration.read more

Getting off the Islands of Information: Xylos & Dockit Migrator

What do you get when you take a company of talented, technically adept consultants, who thrive on solving problems, and combine them with an information system that does not meet their needs? Find out how Dockit Migrator helped this Professional Technology Services firm better manage information and increase employee productivity.read more

Realizing the Promise of Office 365

For most organizations, establishing the business case for Office 365 builds on overall lower costs, allocation of IT resources toward business focused activities, savings through better management of controls and compliance and efficiencies in enabling higher levels of collaboration.read more

Kinross Gold Corporation – Uncovering Value, Speed and Efficiency

A world leading gold mining company unlocks insights from within the corporation’s documents. Discovering a faster way to move information using Vyapin’s Dockit solution, Kinross migrated thousands of documents under the pressures of tight timelines and minimizing impact on business operations.read more
Arizona Chemical

Arizona Chemical and Dockit – One Time Migration Leads to Ongoing Value

When leading green manufacturing practices are at the heart of an organization, continuously finding new ways to operate efficiently is the standard. That includes making best use of Information Technology. The Arizona Chemical team supporting its SharePoint environment is both lean and adept at finding innovative solutions, such as Vyapin’s Dockit, that work fast and deliver ongoing value.read more
Emerson Industrial Automation

Executing the Perfect SharePoint Migration Project

Extensive and business critical use of SharePoint 2007 combined with a leapfrog migration to SharePoint 2013 called for a solution that could cut costs and take risk out of the project. With Vyapin and SPListX, Emerson Industrial Automation made the move with confidence and speed.read more
Saving Millions

Saving Millions – Electronic Discovery and Digital Forensics Done Right with iDiscovery Solutions, SharePoint & SPListX

When millions of dollars are on the line, clients call iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) for their expertise in electronic discovery and digital forensics. When iDS needs to unlock and evaluate critical data in SharePoint, they call the experts at Vyapin for fast and efficient tools to get the job done.read more
The Missing Link

The Missing Link in the Security Chain

Security professionals are responsible for protecting an organization’s computers, networks, and data by determining who gets access to what and maintaining an overall state of order. They are the critical link in the security chain. This month we look at their secret weapon – Vyapin’s NTFS Security Management Suite.read more
5 ways to strengthen SharePoint

5 Ways to Strengthen your SharePoint Relationship

This month, we take a closer look at some of the challenges frequently associated with SharePoint solutions and some way to keep the excitement of the relationship with this great technology alive.read more
Making the case

Making the Case for First Class Reporting

A law firm with leading companies as clients, needs to make smart, fact-based decisions every day. The firm’s information management system must keep pace. Now with Vyapin Software’s SharePoint Farm Reporting solution, one firm can easily analyse document usage and make decisions that support attorneys in delivering world class service to their clients.read more
Progressive client

Progressive Client Experience Improves Lives

Helping clients bring life-improving and life-saving drugs and treatments to market faster is no small task. The right technology solutions are critical. See how SharePoint & Vyapin’s SPListX were able to deliver a strong foundation for PRA Health Sciences’ clinical trial process.read more

The Impossible becomes Possible with Qumulis and Dockit Migrator

An innovative manufacturer needed help and expertise to move their SharePoint 2003 documents to Office 365 and SharePoint in the cloud. Qumulis, a leading edge cloud and virtualization partner addressed the challenging migration with precision, speed and help from Vyapin’s Dockit Migrator product. You too can make it possible.read more
Financial Watchdog

Financial Watchdog Races Against Time to Migrate 4 TB of Data in a Single Weekend

For a financial services watchdog, it was all or nothing. The months, weeks and hours of planning how to migrate 8 million documents from a legacy OpenText system into a new SharePoint environment came down to a single weekend. Forty-eight hours where accuracy, speed, flexibility, and transparency equaled success. The financial regulator was relying on Open Docs and Vyapin’s Dockit for SharePoint to make certain nothing went wrong.read more