Vyapin Teams Manager

Vyapin Teams Manager: Manage your Microsoft Teams Better

Vyapin Teams Manager is an efficient management tool for your Microsoft Teams to assist in your day to day administration as well as managing compliance and reporting. The Vyapin Microsoft Teams Management tool allows you to automate several areas of Microsoft Teams Administration, Governance, Security and Compliance. Vyapin Microsoft Teams Manager tool also helps you to archive, import Teams and channels on Microsoft Teams and their users.

Why Vyapin Teams Management Software?

  • Efficient Teams Management

    Manage your Microsoft Teams more efficiently using our Vyapin Teams manager across your Enterprise. Track and analyze multiple teams from a single unified view of all the teams in your organization.
  • Create, update and manage multiple Teams in Bulk

  • Archive / Export Teams

    Archive or Export all Teams conversations, including attachments, for compliance and organizational requirements. Store all conversations history using timestamped folders to your local or networked storage devices.
  • Import Teams / Channels

    Import or migrate Teams and Channels from different tenants, merge or discard channels from other tenants and control Teams bloat across your organization’s tenants.


Archive, export and move Teams / channels in Microsoft Teams to manage your Microsoft teams more efficiently.

Archive Teams

What you can archive from Microsoft Teams using Vyapin Teams Manager?


Import Teams / Channels messages and permissions into a new team

Import Teams

What you can import from Microsoft Teams using Vyapin Teams Manager?