Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Vyapin thanks all its customers for their valuable feedback, encouragement and patronage for our products.
Below you will find various testimonials sent to us by some of our valuable customers.
Product Testimonials

"I was desperate and did a web search for a 'Windows Reporting tool' and 'net admin utilities', and found it with Google. The product 'looks great'...Thank you."

- Client / Server Operations Analyst, Harmon AutoGlass, Inc., USA

"We are using your "Admin Report Kit for Windows Server". We are very pleased with what it is capable of generating. Thanks."

- Pyramid Consulting Services, USA

"Looks like ARK is a wonderful program.."

- System Support EDP Department, Long Island Commercial Bank, USA

"I am very happy with ARK. I have used it for several administration functions, including reviewing our user list and groups."

- Senior Network Administrator, S & R Equipment Co., Inc., USA

"I'm very impressed with your ARK application"

- Providence Medical Center, USA

"We at Amtrak have used ARKES to determine DL members, Public folder info, permissions, data dumps etc.It is an easy, fast and effective way to collect information of your Exchange environment."

- Sr. Systems Analyst - Email Administration, Amtrak, USA

"I did get a chance to evaluate ARKIIS & found it to be the most useful IIS admin documentation tool I've run across. I have contemplated writing my own application, but have never had the time. This is BETTER than what I imagined could be done."

- Space Gateway Support - Kennedy Space Center, NASA, USA

"We had time to try the evaluation version and it worked very well and suited our needs. In fact, ARKIIS is the only software we found able to inventory IIS configuration on remote servers. It works very well on Windows 2003 Server."

- Ministry of Environment, Canada

"Admin Report Kit for IIS is a great tool. After checking into many software packages, Admin Report Kit was the only software that could take an accurate inventory of the many IIS sites that we maintain at Alcone. With Admin Report Kit, we are able to get detailed insight into our IIS that we cannot get with software that costs much more."

- Alcone Marketing Group, USA

"Dockit does everything we need for our data-migration into SPS. Great Tool!"

- Prime Solution GmbH, Germany

"I used Dockit for importing documents at one time. It worked well for that, and the company was very responsive in making modifications to meet my needs."

- Mitre Corporation, USA

"We used Dockit to import over a thousand engineering documents, preserving the folder structure. It was simple to use and saved us a lot of time."

- Director, Information Technology, White Electronic Designs Corporation, USA

"The Dockit application proved extremely useful for importing large numbers of files and folders quickly and easily into SharePoint. Previously, we were having to import files individually, but through using Dockit we were able to deal with huge directories in a fraction of the time that it would have taken. An excellent tool, really glad we found it."

- Guildford Borough Council, UK

"We have launched our SharePoint installation and soon learned, that we lack proper administration tools. Our main problem was to keep track of alerts which we as administrators have put into the system to keep certain group of users informed (push alerts).Searching the internet we have spotted ARKSP Admin Report Kit for SharePoint which promised to solve our problems.After downloading and testing we soon found, that ARKSP is indeed returning the information we have been looking for in an easy and understandable way.We are very happy to have found this valuable tool."

- CFO and CIO, TREUCO Treuhand-Gesellschaft, Switzerland

"I brought this program (XPlica) to help get myself out of some heavy corruption issues. It did what I wanted it to do and was a good ‘Version 1’ product.Then I started talking to support about what I would like it to do. Within weeks out came a new version and we where doing even better.Now, after a few weeks of ‘friendly user testing’ we have again achieved some features that we felt were important."

- De Beers Australia Exploration Limited, Australia

"Dockit Migrator for SharePoint (formerly known as XPlica) utility just saved me and my company several hours of manual work and numerous dollars. Great product."

Phelps Dodge Mining Co., - El Paso

I found Dockit product through and found it extremely useful. We used Dockit to import hundreds of documents into SPS. Users were in desperate need for them but refused to take the time to upload them. Dockit saved us the upload time, and more importantly, made the information available in a timely fashion. Small issues were worked out quickly by a capable and dedicated customer support staff.

- iFormation Group, USA

We find that Dockit is an extremely valuable tool for migrating intranet content to SharePoint Portal Server. When you are faced a large number of documents to migrate each of which has to be populated with metadata, Dockit reduces considerably the effort involved in publishing information. Typically it reduces the time a user has to spend per document by 75%, by enabling documents to be published in batch mode rather than real time through the standard SPS interface.

- Director - Knowledge & Content Mgmt., Getronics, UK

ARKIIS works great for documenting all our web sites (over 391 virtual servers and 1500 host headers on one box).

Biggs - Gilmore Communications, USA

I think that the Admin Report kit is a great utility. AS an administrator, I have to generate reports on user and group accounts and provide information on resources within our multi-domain environment. The Admin Report Kit generates the information I need very quickly and in a well-organized format. The product is very easy to use. I give this a definite two thumbs!!

Amtrak, USA

We managed to extract around 10M files (includes versions) which was very good. All in all Dockit Archiver was a tremendous help for this massive project. Thank you for being very responsive to all our earlier challenges as soon as you were notified.

Head of IT, Partner Winckworth Sherwood LLP – London, UK

We had time to try the evaluation version and it worked very well and suited our needs. In fact, ARKIIS is the only software we found able to inventory IIS configuration on remote servers. It works very well on Windows 2003 Server.

Ministry of Environment, Canada

Support Testimonials

Thank you so much! I have downloaded the zip and will hopefully get time today to install. I am very impressed with your support. I think this is a great little tool. Seems very powerful. I will be running this in production very soon, but feel that this is a winner. I will let you know how this goes!

IT Administrator Weyerhaeuser, USA

From now on thanks for the clear and complete answer, moreover during the week end! The effected tests and your answers have removed from me every doubt regarding the product. I am giving indications to our commercial office for purchasing. Thanks still for the helps and best regards

Servizio Sistema Informativo – Informatico Regionale, Italy

What we have appreciated most is the responsiveness of the VYAPIN Support. We had encountered a few problems to add specific filters and in printing the information found. Within very few hours VYAPIN responded and sorted out our problems at once.

CFO and CIO TREUCO Treuhand-Gesellschaft, Switzerland

Your support team amazes me with their level of response. Thank you so much for all of your help the updates that you made worked great!! Of all the companies that we have dealt with over the years, Vyapin provides the BEST customer support!!

Information Security Architect Sage Data Security, Inc., USA

That has worked just fine – thanks for your help. Can I add how impressed I am with the service I get from your department. …….
Appreciate the excellent service!

Project Lead – APAC Logistics, Covidien Tyco Healthcare Pte Ltd, Singapore

Thanks for this version. The tests work fine, I am comfortable that the product meets my needs – will likely place an order. Thanks for your excellent support and help

Consultant NewXco Consulting Inc., USA

First, I love your product. It is an excellent tool that is living up to expectations. Thank you for your excellent support. You have assisted me in resolving my problem.

Manager-IT CSM’s Innovation Technology Group, USA

This is great and it worked well. Thank you so much for your help. I really like your tool and now your support as well. Keep up the wonderful job.

Senior Systems Programmer SiRF Technology, Inc., USA

Thank you very much for your EXCELLENT Support! I’m looking forward to get an email about the new version, when it will come out.

Datatron Oy, Finland

This is the best support I have ever received from a software development company, I am IMPRESSED

GoDaddy Software Group, Inc., USA

What more could I want, a good product, with good support and a caring, sharing development team.

De Beers Australia Exploration Limited, Australia

Small issues were worked out quickly by a capable and dedicated customer support staff.

iFormation Group, USA

Excellent! It works like a charm. Thank you for the quick and great support!

KK-Stiftelsen, Sweden

Wow! Txs! for this excellent support! I’m impressed!

Phelps Dodge Mining Co., El Paso

They are great at supporting the product.

Sr. Systems Analyst – Email Administration Amtrak, USA

Your Customer Support service is excellent.

Consultant, Systems Analyst Technologies & Solutions DICI Inc., USA