Address SOX compliance challenges, and reduce time and costs

In July 30, 2002, Sarbanes-Oxley Act Signed into law to formalize the system of internal checks and balances which increases the transparency in corporate governance and financial reporting.All companies either private or public, must perform SOX audit every year and comply with SOX auditing terms and conditions. All the financial information of a company must be accurate (95%), reliable and protected.

SOX Compliance Audit

A company is stated as SOX compliant if they have systems in place for monitoring, logging and auditing along with internal controls for the following: Performing SOX audit manually is a tedious process and you may end up missing out any security holes and there is also the possibility of inaccurate reporting data about your environment. An automated SOX audit tool is your solution for SOX compliance needs.Vyapin provides SOX Audit and Compliance solutions by assisting you with all the essential reports that are ready to use in making your environment SOX Compliant.

What you can get using Vyapin SOX audit compliance Tools?

Supported Platforms and Reports

SOX Reports for Office 365

SOX Reports for SharePoint

SOX Reports for Windows File Servers

SOX Reports for Active Directory

SOX Reports for Exchange Servers