SharePoint Online Reports for Inventory and Documentation

The most challenging task for a SharePoint online administrator is to manage the growth of content. SharePoint online is a great platform for collaboration and sharing and as a result different users and groups within the company start managing their own content in a somewhat decentralized approach. This decentralization often results in central IT management teams not knowing anything about the content and its growth in SharePoint online. But their responsibilities to manage SharePoint online effectively continue to remain the same even though they may not be able to control or manage the content itself. Administrators therefore rely on extensive reporting tools to get a complete inventory of what is out there in SharePoint online and document them with ownership and security details. Getting a complete documentation report of an entire SharePoint online is a difficult due to the content volume. Vyapin Microsoft 365 Reporting tool for SharePoint Online gives the ability to generate reports at various levels such as Site collections, Sites, Lists, List Items and Document Libraries. A complete inventory of SharePoint online can also be scheduled so that incremental content growth is also captured.The following is the list of SharePoint online reports for Configuration and Inventory:

Site Inventory Report

Lists inventory of all sites that includes their size, dates, columns, permissions, users, content type and quota.
SharePoint Online Site Inventory Report

List Inventory Report

This report provides inventory information about the list. Other information like List Title, List URL, Description, Created Date, Modified Date, List Template, Base Type, Number Of List Items, Number Of Columns, Permission Type, Permission Level, Groups or Users, Size can also be viewed.

List Item Inventory Report

This report displays inventory information about the list item. Other information like List Name, List Item Url, List Item Id, List Item Title, Author, Created Date, Editor, Modified Date, File Directory, File Type, Version, Permission Type, Permission Level, Groups or Users, Size are also shown in this report.