Export: Incremental backup of SharePoint contents

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 7.x, 6.x


Is it possible to perform incremental backup by exporting only the items that changed (added or modified) since last export?


SPListX facilitates incremental export of contents from SharePoint site to file system after the contents are exported the very first time. Once this base export is complete, you can setup SPListX tasks with export conditions to migrate only the new files or file versions, as and when they are created in SharePoint. The export conditions can be created by using SharePoint columns in the source list / library.

Create the following item level migration condition in Export Conditions step in SPListX Task Wizard:

Version: 7.x

Version: 6.x

By setting the above condition, SPListX exports only files that have not been exported previously.


You can refer Export Conditions section in the online help document of SPListX for additional information.