Search Export: Differences in trial search results and the actual export

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 7.x, 6.x


The number of physical files that were exported is far less compared to the number of file results that showed in Trial Search. What happened to the remaining files?


The document / file count will vary in the trial search and actual export process, if the Trial Search results contained duplicate records. That is, a file entry is reported in multiple instances in Trial Search results.  If the file with the same name already exists in the destination location, SPListX will take necessary action based on the settings you have chosen in File Settings task wizard step:

(a) Do not overwrite the existing file

(b) Overwrite the existing file, or

(c) Rename the new file that is currently exported from SharePoint

Select the appropriate option in File Settings step. If you wish to stick to Do not overwrite the existing file option, you can cross check the list of files which were not exported and its URL in the Activity Log.