Search Export: Export external file share / file server content

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 7.x, 6.x


How can SPListX export documents that are crawled / indexed in the SharePoint server, but physically reside in a file share / file server (external to the SharePoint server)?


You have to fine tune the search query option to search across all content sources added in the content source index in SharePoint server. In order to fine tune SharePoint search results, SPListX provides a Search Tuner option to derive the expected search results. The Search Tuner dialog can be launched by clicking Search Tuner… button in Search Conditions step in SPListX task wizard. The various options available in Search Tuner dialog are as follows:

In order to search files added in File Share content sources, perform the following steps:

  1. Create / Edit a ‘Search Task Type’
  2. Proceed to ‘Search Conditions’ step in the wizard
  3. In ‘Search Conditions’, specify your search query.
  4. Click ‘Search Tuner’ button.
  5. In ‘Search Tuner’ dialog, select ‘Search across all content in the index’ to search content added in the file share in ‘Search Options’ and select ‘Process all results’ in ‘Search results’.
  6. Proceed with the subsequent steps and click ‘Finish’ to run the task.


You can refer SPListX Features–>Export SharePoint List contents using the search option section in the online help document of SPListX for more details.