Office 365 Mailbox Size Reports

Office 365 mailbox size reports give you deep insights into how mailboxes are being used. Many organizations face the twin problem of overused mailboxes and unused or underused mailboxes. Mailboxes at the time of capacity planning are often created for future expansion use or if there is a minimal need but can be revisited later to understand usage. This is especially true of common mailboxes that could be consolidated later based on the functional needs of a business.Another issue with mailboxes and their sizes is the bloat problem. Many mailboxes have a tendency to grow fast only to exceed their limits and then Help desks are called upon to resolve size issues. It is important to constantly monitor mailbox bloat and inform the respective users to analyze their mailbox usage and growth. Office 365 Mailbox size monitoring is one of the most important tasks for administrators to analyze and understand future capacity planning needs based on Office 365 User roles and business functions. Administrators need tools to review mailbox sizes in a single comprehensive report and often need a report based on exceptions – that is, report on mailboxes that need attention than reviewing a large list of mailboxes that are well within size limits.Here is a list of Office 365 mailbox size reports that address different the needs of office 365 administration and planning at different times.

Mail Size by Subject

Mail Size by Subject report shows the size of mail items based on each subject. Size can be displayed as Bytes, Kilobytes and Megabytes for each subjects.
Office 365 Mail Size Report by Subject

Reports about Top Office 365 Users based on their Mailbox Size

Top Users by Mailbox Size

This report shows the top 10 users based on mailbox size. Other information like User’s Last Login time, Last Log-Off time, type of Mailbox can also be viewed.

Mailbox Size Report

This report helps you find out the size limits of the mailboxes that are of interest to you. This comprehensive Office 365 report covers details like mailbox type, size & warning limit, size and items, last logon & logoff, deleted items and whether it has been used by the intended user.
Report about Office 365 Mailbox Size

Top Senders and Receivers Attachment Size Report

This report gives you the List of top Senders and Recipients based on size of the attachment in sent mails. Other information like Users, Attachment Size are also shown in this report.

Top Public Folders by Size Report

This report gives you the List of top Public Folders based on their size. Other information like User Name, Created Date, Modified Date, Identity, Deleted Item Count, Item Count, Total Deleted Item Size(MB), Total Item Size(MB) can be obtained from this report.

Office 365 Shared Mailboxes Report

This report shows you the List of Mailboxes that are shared with others in your Office 365 account. Other information like User Name, Alias, Location, Mail Address, Account Disabled, Created Date, Modified Date are also shown in this report.