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The use of cloud environment has grown and evolved to a great extent in recent times. Your Office 365 tenant is likely to be accessed by more people, from more places and platforms like never before. The information protection demands of a cloud environment is no different from an on-premises environment. A comprehensive approach is required for the administrators to protect the organization’s information assets be it cloud or on-premises.

Many of Office 365 security threats arise due to internal violation of security policies and guidelines of the organization by users and the difficulties faced by administrators to mitigate such threats. There are several different areas in Office 365 where internal threats are likely to surface and cause potential security vulnerabilities. Security issues in Office 365 may arise due to group memberships, distribution group membership, sharing of mailboxes and Public Folders, inappropriate permissions such as full Access permissions to a mailbox and so on. Many of these and more may cause a security breach in Office 365.

Few overlooked threat points in an organization for want of policies, procedures and resources

What happens when a user leaves the organization or changes to a different role or department?

Who has access to what and perform what actions?

Which users have modified permissions to their mailboxes

Who is sharing that One Drive?

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