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Find out who has access to what in your Active Directory

Active Directory services act as the all-in-one control point for Identity Management and Security within an organization. Performing a complete AD Security Audit is a must in order to determine who has access to what in your Active Directory by reporting every object and its security in detail. More importantly, enterprise administrators need to determine who can perform what critical administrative actions such as deleting members of an OU, modifying permissions etc. Administrators also need to conduct a periodic search of Active Directory for Inactive, Disabled, Expired and Unknown Accounts and see where and how they compromise security. Vyapin AD Security Audit solution also covers important aspects of AD security such as:

Active Directory Group Membership Reporting

Active Directory Nested Group Membership Reporting

Active Directory User Security Reporting

Access control information

Auditing information

Delegated Permissions

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Active Directory Change Audit – Track Activities and Changes

Tracking and recording changes for compliance and regulatory purposes requires a thorough audit of all activities and changes in your Active Directory. With Vyapin’s Active Directory Change Audit solution you can take complete control of your Active Directory Change management. You can identify and track changes live and also document these changes for compliance. You must first determine what changes are critical and important for your organization and get all such AD changes tracked, reported and archived for later use.

The solution answers important questions on AD changes that impact the security of your network such as:

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