Auditing Solution for Windows Servers

Windows Network Auditing & Reporting is the most demanding and time-consuming tasks. A Windows network audit entails scanning the entire network of Servers and Workstations to first perform an inventory of the windows infrastructure, processing the resulting voluminous data and then generating the summary and detailed reports in a variety of formats.

Since a number of different Microsoft technologies seamlessly integrate with one another, it is important to document every element of the windows infrastructure. This is not easy, since collecting the configuration data of entire systems mean large amounts of data and associated processing time. Apart from this, there is another problem – the sheer complexity in accessing and collecting some of the deeply-embedded, critical audit data from these systems. And, to do this without bogging down the systems and the network is yet another challenge.Vyapin’s Windows audit solutions address the problems of digging through entire systems to collect the necessary data and tracking the audited snapshots for changes over a period of time. We have developed tools to perform an inventory audit of Active Directory, Windows Servers and workstations – essentially the entire Microsoft Network Infrastructure. Our solutions provide you the data framework for all your compliance audit needs – such as HIPAA, SOX etc.Read more about Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise

Audit Windows Servers Using Vyapin Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise!

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