Hyper-V Audit Solution

Auditing and Reporting Solution for Hyper-V

The sudden proliferation of VMs across an organization is due to the fact that VMs are easy to install, configure and get them up and running. Since there are numerous benefits due to Virtualization, user adoption has been quick and companies have been able to increase productivity of teams managing and using their IT infrastructure. While this has been a positive trend, there are some serious side effects. IT management teams no longer appear to have much control on the growth of VMs. As a result there are VMs that are scattered, either not used or under-used and without functional control, causing VM sprawl.Vyapin’s Hyper-V Audit and Reporting solution helps you to discover all VM hosts and VMs and identify the true roles and purpose of these VMs. You can also understand how the VM hosts and VMs have been configured and mapped to the real physical hardware. The resources allocated to VMs are usually not revisited once they have been configured and running. The easiest approach has been to add more and more hardware for virtualization or adding more VMs on existing hardware without planning. After getting a complete, organization-wide understanding of the VMs using Vyapin’s Hyper-V reporting solution, you can get to the nuts and bolts of how to reorganize the VMs. You can now start focusing on planning and policies of how to manage the growth of your VMs.To manage and control how VMs are created and installed, it requires proper planning and governance policies. Vyapin’s Hyper-V management tools help you with provisioning VMs and keep a full audit trail of all installed VMs and their configurations. You can come up with policy templates on how you want your VMs configured based on each VM’s role and purpose. You can then get a consistent roll out of VMs based on similar roles, functions and their workloads. Understanding workloads and the configured VM resources is central to help you manage the growth of virtualization in your organization.

Audit your VM hosts and VMs Using Vyapin ARKWE!

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