Migrate NTFS Permissions On The Go During SharePoint Migration

Copy NTFS permissions while migrating from file servers to SharePoint. You can utilize this feature to preserve the inheritance status of the migrated folders and documents in the SharePoint as same as the source file server and also assign the equivalent NTFS permission level for the SharePoint user in conjunction with the ‘Permission Mapping’ feature available in Dockit Migrator.
permission mapping
In most cases, Dockit Migrator will automatically map the users in the file servers with the target SharePoint users so longer the same ‘Active Directory’ is used (except some users are disabled in AD after they have created some folders and documents in the file servers). For this case, you can utilize the ‘User / Group Mapping’ feature available in Dockit Migrator to map the inactive users with the active users in target SharePoint.
Users & Group mapping SharePoint