Frequently Asked Questions about Dockit Migrator

Can Dockit Migrator be installed in a desktop / workstation?

Yes, Dockit Migrator can be installed and run from a Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 client computer with .NET Framework 4.6 or later. Read System Requirements.

Can I connect to a SharePoint on-premises or Office 365 site using Dockit Migrator?

Yes, you can connect to a remote Microsoft SharePoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / MOSS 2007 / WSS v3.0 server within your local network or an Office 365 site by specifying the required user credentials.

Can I import folders & documents and list items to multiple SharePoint lists?

Yes. Dockit Migrator allows you to import folders/documents and list items to multiple SharePoint lists in a single import / migration task. You can do so by using the batch file task option or use the Dockit Migrator Explorer UI to drag-and-drop documents or list items into multiple lists along with associated metadata.

What are the precautions to be taken when migrating file share contents to SharePoint using Dockit Migrator?Can Dockit Migrator propagate the NTFS permissions defined in my source folders and files to Microsoft SharePoint?

Yes, Dockit Migrator does propagate NTFS permissions to SharePoint. Dockit Migrator user using the application must have read permissions in the source folder / file to retrieve the NTFS permissions.

What permissions are required in Dockit Migrator to import content?Can Dockit Migrator import tasks be invoked from the command line?

Yes, you can invoke import tasks created in Dockit Migrator application using the import task wizard from either the DOS command prompt or Windows Task Scheduler. Please refer to the relevant sections in the application help document for more information.

Can Dockit Migrator import content to multiple OneDrive user locations?

Dockit Migrator has Migrate contents to OneDrive for Business task option that enables the user to migrate the shared folder contents to the selected target OneDrive user’s location. The list of options available are as follows:

Can Dockit Migrator preserve metadata such as date created/modified and the person who last modified/created the contents from file system to SharePoint?

In order to preserve the metadata values (Created Date, Modified Date, Modified By, and Created By) in SharePoint, ensure that you have installed Dockit Migrator Server Agent component in target on-premise SharePoint servers. Please refer Dockit Migrator Server Agent online help section for more details.