SharePoint Information Organizer is a centralized content management and classification application that lets you re-organize Site collections, Sites, Libraries and Documents all from within SharePoint 2013/2010.


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  1. Classify, control and organize
    Allows the user to create a column in multiple lists at the same time based on the details given by the user such as column name, column type, and lists for column creation.
  2. Update metadata in bulk
    User to update the metadata value for all the items in the list. The user can also select multiple lists to perform this operation at the same time.
  3. Manage Taxonomy data in Term Stores
    User can manage the Term Store by creating, updating, copying and deleting the Term Store objects.
  4. Re-organize Content Types
    User can classify and re-classify the contents in sites, lists and libraries.


  • Split or merge site collections and optimize content databases - Consolidate content & optimize SharePoint server resources.
  • Classify your content properly with well-structured metadata - update metadata in bulk and use the Taxonomy management feature to Manage Term Stores.
  • View and edit SharePoint Content Types for better classification.
  • Create, update & delete SharePoint columns.
  • Improve indexing of content and the quality of search results by reorganizing your metadata.
  • Clean-up Sites, Webs, Lists, Libraries, List Items, & Documents - remove content bloat and improve SharePoint efficiency.
  • Remove unwanted or unavailable SharePoint users.
  • Improve SharePoint Security & Compliance.
  • Allow departments and end users to organize and manage their own SharePoint data - offload burden from the SharePoint central administrator.
  • Unifies many SharePoint content & metadata organization and classification tasks in a single interface.
  • Architected using SharePoint Service Application framework and fully supported SharePoint APIs to optimize resources while performing the desired content management operations.
  • Accessible from the ribbon in SharePoint Site pages and the activity logs keep track of all changes made using the application .

Take a tour Watch this SharePoint Information Organizer product tour to find out how it helps SharePoint administrators run their Sites efficiently and improve end-user experience.