ARK for Active Directory

Automated Azure AD reports about users, groups, roles, tenants, etc

Azure Active Directory Reports provides important information about the users, groups, contacts, domain, role and tenant information from the given Azure AD tenant.

Azure AD Audit Log reporting performs a complete search on the activities that has been performed on Azure AD by specific user

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List of Azure AD Reports

Azure AD User Reports

List of UsersEnumerates list of users present in the Azure AD.
Disabled AccountsList of users account with disabled status.
List of External UsersList of external users configured in the Azure AD.
List of Users with Admin RolesList of users who has company administrator roles.
Recently Created UsersList of Azure users created in recent times. The days can be specified dynamically.
Recently Deleted UsersList of users who had been deleted within maximum of 90 days range.
Recent User LogonList of users recently logged on to Azure.
Recent Password ChangedUsers who had changed their password recently.
Users whose password never expiresHelps you to collect the user permission, for the selected users.
User PermissionsList of Accepted Domains and their properties

Azure AD Groups Reports

List of GroupsHelps you to collect the list of Groups in Azure AD.
Recently Created GroupsHelps you to denote the list of groups that are recently created within a specific time period.
Group that have no membersList of groups that has no members in it.
Group that are not a member of any other groupsList of groups that are not a member of any other group
List of Distribution GroupsList of groups with Distribution Group type.
List of Security GroupsList of groups with Security Group type.
List of Office 365 GroupsList of groups with Office 365 Group type.

Azure AD Domain Reports

List of DomainsList of domain in a Tenant.
Domain SummaryList of summary report about AD objects in Azure AD.

Azure AD Roles Reports

List of RolesList of Roles available under Azure AD.
List of Users and their rolesList of Roles assigned for each user in Azure AD.

Tenant Information Reports

Company InformationDetailed information about current Tenant.
Partner InformationDetailed information about partner Tenant.

Azure AD contacts Reports

List of ContactsList of contacts available under Azure AD.

Audit Log Reports

User-defined reports for viewing action performed under Azure AD across users, Groups, Domain etc. Allows the user to create their own Reports for every single action performed in domain or Tenant.