Unable to connect to a SharePoint site


We are trying to connect to a SharePoint site to which we have admin privileges. However, upon entering the credentials we receive the message “The request failed with an empty response”.


Verify via Internet Explorer that the URL is correct. Also, check if the account has access permissions to the SharePoint installation.

If the SharePoint server is running through a firewall connection, please perform the additional steps outlined below.

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 4.x

The reported message will be reported when SPListX is unable to access the SharePoint server.

The firewall may have been configured to allow only specific applications to get through. As a quick check, add SPListX.exe and SPListXTaskRunner.exe as known applications in the proxy server and try connecting to the same SharePoint sites using SPListX v4.x as before.

Applies to: SPListX for SharePoint 5.x and above.

You can overcome this problem if you make use of the latest version of the product as a few enhancements to proxy / firewall settings usage have been included in SPListX v5.x and above. You have the additional option to configure proxy settings in SPListX application by clicking Tools -> Proxy Settings menu.