Vyapin SharePoint Management Suite
A Must Have Auditing & Reporting Tool for SharePoint Management

Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool is a powerful toolkit to help you streamline the management of SharePoint servers. Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool keeps your system secure & compliant and ensures best returns on your investment in SharePoint technology. The solution enables organizations to manage, administer, govern, audit and monitor their SharePoint servers.

Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool offers a comprehensive SharePoint reporting and audit solution covering a broad spectrum of insightful reports for Microsoft SharePoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 servers and SharePoint Online (Office 365) environments such as SharePoint permissions report, SharePoint usage report, SharePoint security report, SharePoint inventory report and more.

Why Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool?

  • SharePoint internal audit, compliance and reporting

    Address your SharePoint internal audit, compliance and reporting needs such as HIPAA and SOX using the Audit & Compliance Reports. Get a detailed view of actions that have occurred in SharePoint related to permissions, content access and configuration changes.
  • Take stock of SharePoint assets

    Take stock of SharePoint assets to help you assess site usage before planning content migration or SharePoint upgrade. The inventory will be useful to validate content post migration or upgrade.
  • Intuitive UI

    User friendly and very straight forward interface to get various reports in SharePoint within just few clicks using multiple options.
  • Detailed inventory information

    Get detailed inventory information or create documentation about your SharePoint farm and configuration settings using the Inventory Reports. Create system and configuration settings documentation to help you during system support, maintenance and upgrades.
  • SharePoint infrastructure permissions audit

    Audit your SharePoint infrastructure permissions with the built-in SharePoint Security Reports. Analyze how SharePoint permissions are currently configured across all sites & site collections and for sensitive content.
  • SharePoint User Adoption analysis

    Analyze the adoption rate of your SharePoint environment Users by monitoring their activity using the built-in Usage Reports.

List Of SharePoint Reports Provided by Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool

SharePoint Audit & Compliance Reports

  • Audit Checked-In Items
  • Audit Checked-Out Items
  • Audit Copied Items
  • Audit Custom Events
  • Audit Deleted Lists / Sites
  • Audit Group Member Changes
  • Audit Log Trimming
  • Audit Permission Changes
  • Audit Renamed Items
  • Audit Restored Items
  • Audit Search
  • Audit Visited Items
  • Last Deleted / Modified Items
  • Newly Added Items
  • Site Collection Features
  • Site Features
  • User Visits
  • Etc...

SharePoint Usage Reports

  • Content Alerts
  • Content Databases
  • Content Type Utilization
  • File Types
  • Inactive Users
  • Invited Users - Feature Status
  • List Columns
  • List Activity
  • List Hits / Visits
  • List Item Metadata
  • List Item Summary
  • List Summary
  • Page Hits / Visits
  • Site Activity
  • Site Summary
  • Web Pages
  • Web Parts Utilization
  • Etc...

SharePoint Security Reports

  • Authentication Providers
  • Disabled Users in AD
  • Deleted Users in AD
  • Effective Permissions of Users
  • List Folders Security
  • List Items Security
  • List Permission
  • Site Permissions
  • Site Security
  • Site Collection Administrators
  • Site Group Settings
  • Etc...

SharePoint Inventory Reports

  • List / List Item Inventory
  • Site Inventory
  • Site Collection Inventory

Platforms Supported by Vyapin SharePoint Reporting Tool