ARK for IIS (ARKIIS) is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators. ARKIIS presents Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 and later configuration information from the IIS configuration store in the form of Trees, Tables and Views. All categories of information reported by ARKIIS are available across multiple web servers and websites. ARKIIS is particularly useful in monitoring and tracking web servers that have a large number of websites, virtual directories and associated configuration settings.

  • Document your IIS web form

    • Configuration report on Websites, Virtual Directories, Application Pools, Permissions and more.
    • Customize reports for your Web application projects
    • Document your web application settings and archive them
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  • Compare websites and virtual directories

    • Compare IIS settings across Servers, Sites and Virtual Directories
    • Baseline comparison – compare using a baseline server or a website
    • Analyze results using the highlighted differences on various configuration parameters
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