Why do I get the message The RPC server is unavailable?This message will appear, if the server you are trying to connect might have been switched off or it may not be available in the network.How do I connect to a remote IIS Server?You can connect to the remote IIS Server using the Add Server feature in ARKIIS.ARKIIS connects to the IIS server using the currently logged on user context. ARKIIS expects the currently logged on user to be built-in administrator of the target IIS Server to connect and generate the reports.The application error log file ‘ARKIISErrorLog.txt’ is gradually increasing in size. Can I delete it?Yes, you may manually delete this error log file when ARKIIS is not running. ARKIIS generates an error log file in the Log folder in the common application data path (\ARKIIS7 x.y\). The error log file tends to increase in size over a period of time especially if the application meets with frequent error conditions. The application does an “append” to the error log each time it runs. This is required for diagnostic purposes during troubleshooting. You may delete the error log file periodically.Why do I get the message Unable to connect to ?This message will appear if:How do I compare web sites/virtual directories in IIS?You can compare multiple number of web sites/virtual directories using Compare feature in ARKIIS. You can use ‘Compare Web Sites with a baseline Web Site’ option for this purpose.How do I compare web sites / virtual directories in two or more IIS servers?You can compare the common web sites / virtual directories available in two or more IIS servers using Compare feature in ARKIIS. You can use ‘Compare a whole IIS Server with another server’ for this purpose.How do I scan new web sites using ARKIIS?Using Custom Reports feature in ARKIIS, you can scan new web sites that are added in the IIS Manager. Custom Reports also allows you to add a custom field (say, Site owners, Site description, etc.) apart from the default IIS fields while generating the report.How do I maintain a set of web sites using favorite groups and generate report for them?You can create a favorite group using ‘Manage Favorite Groups’ feature in web site reports to maintain the web sites that are of most interest to you. You can add the frequently used web sites without the need to connect to the web sites every time to generate the reports.Can I generate reports using favorite group each time?Yes, you can check the option ‘Use this group for report generation’ to use the favorite group for report generation each time.