What’s new in Vyapin Dockit Migrator v6.0?

The Column mapping template

This feature enables to create column mapping templates in DocKIT to map folder / file metadata values to the SharePoint built-in or custom columns. You can store / assign a source metadata value in number of columns in SharePoint.

Figure #1: Column mapping template

column mapping template

Figure #2: Sample custom template

sample custom template

Figure #3: Using the column mapping template in the DocKIT application

dockit task wizard

Built-in Metadata Extractor tool

Using this built-in Metadata Extractor tool, you can now mine out metadata from file summary properties and custom properties for various file formats (Microsoft Office documents, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, HTML, TXT, MSG etc.). This feature will be useful to auto-generate folder structures, compile the file list and associated metadata and create a metadata file that can be directly fed to a DocKIT migration task.

Figure #4: Enhanced Metadata Extractor tool

Auto-generate metadata file with file path and property values for the given source folder location which can either be mapped drives / network shares / hard drives

metadata extractor

Duplicate file handling options

If a file name already exists in SharePoint, then a new file version of the same file / document can be created by either appending or prepending an incremental index with the ‘*’ wild card character specification to the existing file name.

Figure #5: Duplicate file handling

Update existing columns in SharePoint libraries

We have included an exclusive migration task to update existing document properties in the SharePoint libraries by specifying the new field values in the metadata file.

List export tool

Generate metadata file with the existing item’s URL list in the destination location including the specified column values and store it as a .CSV file for reuse during an import task.

6. Itemized folder traversal options

In explorer mode task option, the folder traversal specifications can be set independently for every folder / sub-folder entry (was a task level setting in the previous version) giving you increased flexibility during content migration.

7. Computed column values

This option helps to generate calculated column values and assign these computed values to columns in SharePoint. These values can be computed based on metadata file columns, file properties and free text by choosing the required built-in functions. Use built-in functions to construct metadata values and assign them to SharePoint library / list columns of your choice.

Figure #6: Function builder feature

Select from the built-in functions list to enumerate calculated column values

sharepoint column

8. Favorite columns

The frequently used columns in SharePoint and metadata file can be saved as ‘favorite column’ to facilitate reuse.

Here is a quick recap of the new features in DocKIT v6.0:

  • Mapping of metadata columns using column mapping templates
  • Multiple metadata mapping sources
  • Built-in Metadata Extractor tool to auto-generate metadata file with the source folder location
  • Updating existing documents in SharePoint libraries
  • Enhanced List export tool to generate metadata file for files in destination
  • Function builder feature to compute a metadata value and assign the new value to a SharePoint column

If you are interested in new version of DocKIT for SharePoint 2010 v6.0, please follow the link below to download the software.