Vyapin’s Audit solution for Active Directory

Vyapin’s Audit solution for Active Directory helps you to take complete control over your auditing and reporting needs for your entire Active Directory. Vyapin’s solution lets you audit not only your entire AD configuration but also audit all the changes that occur over a period of time in your AD.

Vyapin provides two product solutions for your AD audit – Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) and Active Directory Change Tracker (ADChangeTracker).

The ARKAD product generates a variety of reports that help you understand how your AD has been configured, document everything that resides in your AD and review and analyze all the security controls that have been implemented. The ADChangeTracker product helps you to document and analyze all critical changes made to your AD by reporting what exactly changed, along with the new and old values, when the change was made, where the change happened in your Active Directory and the tool also determines who made the change by looking up the Security Event logs of your audit-enabled Active Directory.

The two solutions work together to provide you one single comprehensive solution to address all the reporting needs of AD Administration, Change Management and Compliance. Having both the products in your tool chest will eliminate the need for creating your own custom scripts and using small freeware scripts and tools that have very limited purpose.

The ARKAD solution helps you to

  • Perform a complete AD Security Audit – Who has access to what in your Active Directory
  • Audit and Track AD Users and Groups information – how users and groups have provisioned and organized, including complex nested groups and multi-group memberships.
  • Identify and report on all control related aspects of User account management – Password Expiry, Password setting, Last logon etc.
  • Take complete control of OU management – report on OUs, Delegation of administration, Group policies etc.

The ADChangeTracker solution helps you to

  • Track and audit all changes made to Active Directory, across your enterprise. Track changes to critical OUs and containers. Track GPOs for changes.
  • Track changes with or without using Active Directory’s native auditing capabilities.
  • Track all critical changes by consolidating Active Directory audit events from all your domain controllers’ security event logs.
  • Store several years of Change data in a SQL database for security, compliance and regulation purposes.
  • Search your entire Change History using powerful Search criteria – search for additions, deletions and modifications on specific users, groups, OUs, object property values etc.