Understanding the new features in SPListX v5.1 & v5.2

Duplicate file handling

The Alternate File name mask feature facilitates duplicate file handling when exporting files to the file system. We have introduced a new option to rename the new file by using a file name mask.

Figure #1: Renaming a file with the Alternate File Name Mask

splistx task wizard

Enhanced ‘File version handling settings’ for the version options

When exporting file / document versions from a SharePoint library to the Windows file system, you can store the respective versions in a version folder or tag the version numbers in the file names based on the new options that you see in the screenshot below. The latest version of each file / document can be exported either to the specified version folder or the root folder depending on your requirements.

Figure #2: Flexible options to export versions

splistx task wizard version options

Flexible options for Permissions export

The permissions defined for the Site, List, Folders, Documents and List items can be exported from SharePoint to a metadata file. The membership and role information can be exported as a separate XML file, if required. Likewise, the inheritance information is exported to a separate column in the metadata file.

Figure #3: Export permissions for Site / List / List item

splistx task wizard permision options

For more information about SPListX, visit https://www.vyapinsoftware.com/products/sharepoint-to-fileshare-migration/splistx/sharepoint-list-export