Top 7 factors to consider while choosing the right SharePoint migration tool

There are several tools out there to migrate file shares to SharePoint. However, if you are facing difficulties in choosing the right SharePoint migration tool, here are 7 very important tips:

1. Automation is the most important feature that a migration tool must have, especially because of the sheer volume of files and folders present in file shares. You must be able to move files into SharePoint using scheduled batch jobs that provide both error corrections and error notifications.

2. The SharePoint migration tool must have the capability to specify a variety of input criteria to automatically select various files and folders based on conditions.

3. The SharePoint file share migration engine must be able to handle complex migration scenarios that allow you to specify rules that handle the complexities in moving files to SharePoint. For example, you must be able to filter special characters and replace them on the fly with a standardized naming rule, or, you must be able to handle different versions of files present in the different folders and move them over to SharePoint using a set of version management rules.

4. A sophisticated metadata processing engine is a must for a good SharePoint file migration solution. The tool must have the ability to specify input metadata or automatically extract metadata from existing file properties and combine with any additional input metadata and process them along with files and folders.

5. While moving files to your SharePoint destination, you must have several different options to set different destinations for groups of files and folders.

6. Any file share migration to SharePoint must have powerful error notification and reprocessing mechanisms in place. All SharePoint migrations will encounter errors and the migration tool must have the ability to capture errors and reprocess them after due corrections.

7. Finally, the migration tool must be extremely efficient in handling large volumes of folders and files. The bulk movement of files and folders to SharePoint must be reliably fast.

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