What does SharePoint Report?

SharePoint has come a long way from being a simple Document Management and Storage system to being a highly sophisticated extensible platform, allowing customers to enhance the out-of-box experiences such as portals, search, business intelligence (BI) and enterprise content management (ECM). Over the years, SharePoint has been used by organizations to maximize productivity, build incredible […]

Analyze SEO meta-tags using SharePoint Farm Reporter

We all know that higher the website is shown in search results, the more likely that the users will click on it. Because of this, we keep on improving our web pages in all means to bring them high in search results. This optimization is an ongoing effort. We can ensure that the users can […]

Why is the ‘Page Visits’ report empty even though IIS Log Settings is configured correctly in SharePoint Farm Reporter?

In our SharePoint reporting tool – SharePoint Farm Reporter (SPFR), we have this report called Page Visits. One of our customers is a frequent user of this SharePoint report for the past several years. Recently, while running the SharePoint Page Visits report, he sent in a support query saying the report was turning up empty. Upon […]

Feature enhancements in SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.1

A new version of SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.1 has been released recently with the following features: Inventory Reports – new category of reports to prepare yourself for migration You can take a quick inventory of Site Collections, Sites, Lists and List Items in your SharePoint server using these newly added built-in reports. These reports will […]

SharePoint Reporting – Feature enhancements in SharePoint Farm Reporter v3.2

New version of Vyapin SharePoint Farm Reporting software is bundled with three new reports and a couple of report enhancements. Effective Permissions of list items Displays information about the effective permissions of users/groups in the list items. Effective Permissions of lists This report displays information about the effective permissions of users/groups in the lists. Effective […]

Comprehensive SharePoint 2010 & 2007 reporting using SharePoint Farm Reporter v3.0

We have recently released a new version of SharePoint Farm Reporter v3.0, which provides comprehensive set of reports about SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 servers in a single product framework. We have merged our ARK for SharePoint 2010 and ARK for SharePoint 2007 products and re-branded this product as SharePoint Farm Reporter to clearly communicate […]

SharePoint Reports – Summary of latest features in SharePoint Farm Reporter v2.1

Vyapin SharePoint Reporting solution’s latest version (SharePoint Farm Reporter) has several new improvements and significant additions to its SharePoint Audit reports. Audit Custom Events Report This SharePoint report displays information about the custom events that occurred in the list items including changes in workflow settings during the recent ‘N’ days or for the given date […]

Feature enhancements in ARKSP 2007 v4.1

Improvised ‘List Permissions’ & ‘Audit – Visited items’ reports: Active Directory user attributes such as Display name, Full name, Designation, Company Name, Permission levels are included in the ‘List Permissions’ & ‘Audit – Visited items’ reports. Figure #1: List Permissions report New fields in Audit reports The two new fields ‘Item name and Item type’ […]

ARK for SharePoint 2010 v1.6 released

Vyapin proclaims the new version release of Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2010 (ARKSP) v1.6 with great enhancements to the audit and version history reports. Here are the highlights of the new version (v1.6): SharePoint lists audit shows the old and the new permissions / permission levels and also highlights the changes in the permissions […]

SharePoint 2010 Security Reports

SharePoint 2010 offers permissions to manage its resources using different permission levels. It provides more granular control on permissions starting from the entire farm to item level security, as continued from SharePoint 2007. The permissions can be defined for users and groups using the default permission levels available out-of-the-box or you can define custom permission […]

Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2007 version 3.8 released!!

Our much anticipated major release of Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2007 (ARKSP) Version 3.8 is finally here with the following new features included, You can now run the following reports for ‘All lists in the connected site’ and ‘All lists in the connected site and its sub-sites’ scopes: Audit – Checked-In-items Audit – Checked-Out-items […]

SharePoint Auditing with ARKSP 2010

Information Technology Audits have been made mandatory as it is now requisite for many organizations to keep track of users’ access to critical information assets. IT audit systems and procedures must broadly address the following requirements or objectives: maintain data integrity safeguard information assets allow organizational goals or objectives to be achieved effectively use resources […]

ARK for SharePoint 2007 (ARKSP) v3.7 released!!

We have come out with a new version of our SharePoint administration and reporting solution – Admin Report Kit for SharePoint 2007 (ARKSP). ARKSP version 3.7 comes with the following new inclusions: 1.Permissions Report enhancements: Additional information is now reported in the List Permissions Report. New fields like Account Type, Description, Group Owner and Group […]