SPListX for SharePoint 2007 v3.1 released!

We have made a significant and much improvised release of SPListX for SharePoint 2007 version 3.1 recently. We have included a powerful feature to export documents and list items from SharePoint lists based on ‘Search Criteria’ provided by the user. This new feature uses the built-in SharePoint Search facility in the background to deliver the results.

With the new SPListX for SharePoint 2007 version 3.1, users have the following new provisions:

1. Search Criteria: Export SharePoint list items with file attachments, version histories and metadata based on SharePoint Search results. Previously the user had the choice to export list items through the browse option or export them using an external batch file. Now, with the new ‘Search Criteria’ feature choice, the user can search for matching list items to export using Keywords or Advanced Search options at a site collection level or farm level. This feature was designed to leverage SharePoint’s Search feature, which is its value proposition.

2. Search Validation Settings: The user can validate the search results for a given search criteria (Keywords or Advanced Search). The ‘test search’ feature helps the user to verify the search results, thereby allowing the user to fine tune the search criteria to retrieve better results.

3. Support for Forms authentication: Prior to the current version, SPListX allowed only the users registered with the corresponding Active Directory domains to be validated against the SharePoint environment. But with the current release, SPListX supports users registered outside the Active Directory environment too. SPListX would initiate Windows authentication or Forms authentication automatically, depending on the destination SharePoint site.

4. Fully qualified domain name format: SPList X now supports a fully qualified domain name, i.e. username@domain format in all its user validation.

The ‘Search criteria’ function and the other functionalities were eagerly awaited by many our existing customers. SPListX with these new features incorporated is certainly bound to add value to your existing SharePoint infrastructure.

For a 30-day free trial version of SPListX, visit the product home page at: https://www.vyapinsoftware.com/products/sharepoint-to-fileshare-migration/splistx/sharepoint-list-export