SharePoint List Management solution (SPListM) Version 1.2 released!!

We have made a significant release of our powerful SharePoint list management solution – SPList Manager for SharePoint 2007 (SPListM) version 1.2.

The following are some of the improvisations made to the product solution in this new release:

  1. Support to Forms based authentication: SPListM now supports Forms Authentication validating the users against the corresponding SharePoint environment. SPListM would support websites configured with Forms based authentication mechanism.
  2. Supports Fully Qualified Domain Name format: SPListM now supports a Fully Qualified Domain Name, i.e. ‘username @domain’ format in its entire validation schema.
  3. Profile Manager Tool: Users’ logon information can be stored as User profiles and the same can be retrieved without necessarily entering the credentials every time. Profile manager supports both Windows based and Forms based authentication credentials. Using this, the users can just select their corresponding credentials without manually entering them every time when connecting to SharePoint.
  4. Folder options: SPListM now allows users to create folders (if unavailable) on the fly and helps in restructuring folder hierarchy during content migration. The folders to be created can be defined in the external batch descriptor file.
  5. Web Services Component Indicator: It is now easy to determine the existence of Web Services Component. The Web Services Component Indicator would now determine the presence of Web Services Component in the corresponding destination SharePoint server. The user can access the same from the Tools Menu of the application (ToolsàTest SPListM Web Service). This would avoid Web Service Component mismatch, if any.
  6. SPListM application can now run on Windows 7 / Vista / XP computers. SPListM Web Services component can run on Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

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