Rolling out our SharePoint 2010 versions!

The much anticipated release of SharePoint 2010 is on the cards. It’s almost official that the final cut would be released by June 2010. The beta version is already out and is certainly creating a buzz among the business community. The latest version that is coming up has flexible deployment options and has kindled our excitement as well. Several customers have inquired about our products’ compatibility with the latest version of SharePoint. Our answer to them is yes, we have all our products ready for the next big release of SharePoint.

Our reporting tool for SharePoint, ARKSP is ready for its major upgrade for the SharePoint 2010 release and should be up and running by next week. DocKIT, our flagship SharePoint document migration solution is to follow suit with its upgraded version for SharePoint 2010. We have been getting a lot of queries from keen customers about DocKIT’s compatibility with SharePoint 2010 and we are not going to make them wait any further than the first week of Feb 2010. The SharePoint to file system migration solution, SPListX is gearing up for the release with additional ‘Search Criteria’ features, which, the users are going to find it extremely useful in pulling out precise ‘spot-on’ information. Our SharePoint list management solution, SPListM comes out with a beta version by March 2010. XPlica, our solution to your need of migration from SharePoint to SharePoint libraries would be the last to be released. We have scheduled it for April 2010.

We are on full speed to keep our solutions abreast with the biggest release of SharePoint and to continue helping our customers leverage their SharePoint resources. The beta version of our products has already started to roll out and is being evaluated by some of our renowned customers. We have already started to listen to some excellent feedback from our customers and we are looking forward to keep the momentum going on. The next couple of months are going to be extremely significant for us as we deliver the latest versions to our customers and prospects.

Looking forward to an absorbing month ahead…