New version of XPlica v6.8 has been released

A new version of XPlica v6.8 has been released recently with the following enhancements:

Site Collection Feature Activation

The ‘Site Collection Feature Activation’ has been newly introduced in the sandbox solution (for SharePoint Online) and XPlica Server Agent (for on-premise SharePoint) that enables to activate the set of (already available) site collection features in the target site collection equivalent to the ones in source SharePoint site collection. This helps to activate the site collection features (like Document ID, SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure) and minimizes the failure points while performing certain migration like Retaining Document ID, migrating publishing pages etc.

Replace ALL non-existing Users

All Unresolved Users macro is introduced in the ‘User / Group Mapping’ template to map ALL unavailable users / groups with valid / new SharePoint users / groups when assigning user / groups or permissions for the folder / document during content migration across SharePoint servers.

In User / Group Mapping Template, select ‘All Unresolved Users’ from source user/group field to map all unresolved / unavailable users from source SharePoint to a valid user in target SharePoint as shown below:

User / Group Mapping

User / Group Mapping

This new version of XPlica retains the source Document IDs, whenever you migrate a document from one SharePoint site collection to any other site collection within the same farm or even across different SharePoint farms.

For detailed information on how to retain Document IDs using XPlica v6.8, please refer the blog ‘Retaining Document IDs across site collections or SharePoint farms’.

Other enhancements

  • Enhanced the activity log reporting to inform the unavailability of page layout in target SharePoint while migrating aspx pages.
  • The target list URL will be retained the same as source SharePoint list URL, even if the title of the source SharePoint list has been changed after its initial creation.
  • Discussion Board items can be filtered using Item level condition instead of using Folder level condition.

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