New version of Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite 2.0 released

A new major version of Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite (formerly known as “Hyper-V Management Suite”) has been released with new modules.

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Here is a brief overview about the new modules introduced in v2.0.

VM Performance Analyzer

VM Performance Analyzer module will analyze various Performance metrics of the Hyper-V hosts and their Virtual Machines. This tool will analyze performance of various workloads by collecting performance metrics from the native Windows Performance Monitor. It provides reports about how CPU, Memory, Network and IO parameters are utilized by workloads in Hyper-V Servers and their virtual machines.

List of the features available in the VM Performance Analyzer module is given below:

Data Collector

The Data Collector feature enables the user to setup a new task by configuring Hyper-V hosts and their Virtual Machines to store their performance metrics on key resource variables available for CPU, IO, Memory and Network at regular intervals of time. This feature leverages the native Windows Task Scheduler to create and run tasks at specified schedule settings in the Data Collector Wizard.

Data Collector

Live Performance Data

The Live Performance Data features lets the user to view the current values of various performance data of Hyper-V hosts and their virtual machines as and when they are collected by Data Collector tasks.

Live Performance Data

Performance Reports

The Performance Reports feature provides the user with summarized charts and data views of performance metrics collected by the data collector tasks. It aggregates the collected data using pre-defined intervals such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly and generates reports for Hyper-V Hosts and VMs showing their workload characteristics. The reports also show the list of dates for which performance metrics of Hyper-V Host and VMs is available.

Performance Reports

Performance Report Counter Selection

Performance Reports Bar Chart

VM Performance Monitor

VM Performance Monitor module collects performance metrics for Hyper-V hosts and their VMs in real time using charts and tables. The Live Monitor feature is a resource monitoring tool that collects and displays performance metrics of a Hyper-V hosts and their virtual machines at predefined polling intervals. This feature helps you to monitor important attributes of Hyper-V servers in real time. You can sort and view different chart types to monitor critical VMs with heavy workloads using key performance metrics of CPU, Memory, IO and Network.

VM Live Performance Monitor

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