New features in NTFS Security Auditor v2.0 & v2.1

Scan Profiles (Shares) – Scan a subset of Shares in computers for recursive scanning and reporting

Figure #1: Scan Profile Manager – Shares

Existing shares are listed with provisions to create a new scan profile (or) modify / delete / view the existing profiles.

scan profile manager

Figure #2: A sample Scan Profile for Shares

You can create a scan profile for Shares by entering the UNC Path for the Shares / folders and add it to the list or you can import the UNC paths of shares / folders from a text file.

scan profile shares

Auditing – NTFS SACL Permissions using Power Search

Figure #3: Audit Type & Permissions

The NTFS SACL permissions can be reported choosing any of the Audit types – Success, Failure or both for the selected permissions which are either Explicit or Inherited or both.
power search wizard

Figure #4: NTFS – SACL Permissions report

The following is a sample Audit report (NTFS SACL permissions) generated using Power Search tool.

power search report

Validate folder / file paths while generating reports

Figure #5: Folder / File path errors validation

Using the newly introduced options to validate errors, you can generate the reports if there are no errors or if there are some errors encountered in the specified folder / file paths.

power export

Check Task status during Tasks Scheduling

Figure #6: Scheduled task status

Status of the task run can be viewed anytime by clicking the hyperlink under the Task Status column.

scheduled tasks

Enhanced MS-Excel format when exporting reports

The MS-Excel files can be exported in either “Pre-Excel 2007” or “Excel 2007 and higher versions format” where the former supports an export of 65,536 lines of data per sheet and the latter supports 1,048,576 lines of data per sheet. The remaining data will be saved in consecutive new sheets within the same XLSX file, if the current sheet exceeds the limit.

Here is a quick recap of the new features & enhancements in NTFS Security Auditor v2.0 & v2.1:

  1. Create Scan profiles for Shares as done for Computers & Users/Groups in earlier version
  2. Generate Auditing (SACL) reports using Power Search in addition to DACL permissions
  3. Validate folder / file paths for errors prior to generating the reports
  4. Provision to view the Task Status during task scheduling
  5. Exports to XLS & XLSX file format

If you are interested in new version of NTFS Security Auditor v2.1, please follow the link below to download the software.