Merge / Split to create better Site Collections – Improve SharePoint content usage

The popularity & widespread use of SharePoint encourages creation of several Site Collections according to the needs of the organizations. But with time, some of these may be used less than others, unnecessarily consuming the server’s resources. This leads to a dismal situation and is of grave concern to SharePoint administrators as they need to balance the load on SharePoint servers.

A useful solution in this situation applied by SharePoint administrators is to slice out the most used Sites/ Site Collection(s) and merge it into other (possibly bigger) Site Collection or make it a completely new SharePoint entity. This can be a long drawn out process, as connected Users and Groups will have to be intimated and who can then take their own sweet time to agree to the shift.

The SharePoint Information Organizer makes this process easy as the steps required are made available to the SharePoint administrator under a single window. The SharePoint Information Organizer allows administrators to – Copy/Merge Content, View/Edit Content Types, Update Metadata or import metadata to the Lists, create Columns, etc. and do all that the administrator(s) may deem necessary for this purpose. It can also be used to clean up Webs that may become unnecessary and free up resources for better SharePoint content management.

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