Managing SharePoint Farms made easier

Vyapin’s SharePoint Farm Reporter has been improved to provide better, quicker, more useful reports both in interactive mode (Quick Reports) and schedule mode (Power Reports).

New Features

SharePoint Farm Reporter now uses a new usage data processing engine to extract relevant data from IIS logs and display it in the required format under its many reports. This enables administrators to view details like:

  1.  List Hits
  2.  Page Hits
  3.  Site Visitors
  4.  Site Hits Summary
  5.  Site Usage Summary

Besides this, the Monthly Usage Reports covers SharePoint versions 2007, 2010 and 2013 to provide important usage information such as:

  1.  List Hits
  2.  Page Hits
  3.  Site Visitors
  4.  Site Hits Summary

Improved features and reports

1) SharePoint Farm Reporter now supports SharePoint’s – alternate access mapping & extend web applications into new zones. These additions extend the range/zone of reports and allows the administrators to use both public and internal URLs to view reports about a Site of his/her interest.

  • For example:
  • Public Url   :
  • Internal Url :   http://sharepoint2010:11810/

This also allows the administrator to see which users have come through which zones to access their content, at what time and how frequently.

2) A Modify Report button has been added to allow the administrator to alter – Scope, URL, and Date Range to refresh report data quickly and according to reporting requirements.

Modify SharePoint Report

3) A feature to set the Date Range has been provided within the first few steps of the Quick Reports Wizard to allow the administrator to gather data/report for the stated duration or time horizon.

Quick Reports with Date Range

4) SharePoint Farm Reporter also stores a history of URLs provided by the application user and displays this as a list in a dropdown menu allowing the user to select the preferred URL. The visited URLs are stored for the duration of the session the application remains active.

history of URLs

5) The administrator can enter a database name when configuring SharePoint Farm Reporter in its first use. This is intended to help the administrator comply with any corporate IT management policies that may be in effect.

enter a database name when configuring SharePoint Farm Reporter

6) The scope of the List Visits reports has been expanded to report all Lists in the connected Sites and its Sub-Sites.

Report all Lists in the connected Sites and its Sub-Sites

SharePoint Farm Reporter is a wide ranging SharePoint Farm level audit and reporting solution created to keep SharePoint administrators updated with the status and changes in their farms.

Try out this solution in your SharePoint Farm now by downloading it from here