Making An Impossible Looking Site Collections Migration Possible with XPlica

When a day at the office involves delivering leading edge cloud infrastructure solutions to clients ranging from medical services and manufacturing to accounting firms you need to be ready for anything—on premises or in the cloud.

About the Client

An IT Solutions Provider got a phone call form a client presenting them with a new challenge. The firm had just recently separated from another company and was establishing itself as a new, distinct business providing specialized coating solutions for a variety of industries. As part of this effort, the client needed to ensure an effective and precise transition of the business documents on which it relied. Failure here would have put at risk the business operations that allowed this client to maintain its brand and reputation for innovation and excellent customer service.

In reviewing business requirements, the client felt that its on-premises SharePoint 2003 implementation needed updating. They determined that leveraging the flexibility and agility of the cloud would provide the most opportunity for ongoing business operational excellence. But the challenge remained—how exactly would its documents get moved to the new environment? The client wanted to remain focused on customers, not managing technology. They wanted to keep costs in check and ensure that business documents were moved to the cloud cleanly and accurately. That’s when this client turned to their trusted partner a solutions provider for assistance.

The solutions provider, a firm where each staff member has over thirty years of experience, prides itself on making the seemingly impossible, possible. With their focus on virtualization, thin client solutions, and minimizing the need to manage infrastructure, clients rely on the solutions provider to keep their technology running so they can focus on their business. This made the IT solutions provider a perfect fit to handle the challenges of moving this manufacturing client from an on-premises SharePoint 2003 implementation to SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365.

The Business Challenge

The first challenge that the solutions provider had to tackle to successfully move to SharePoint Online was to cleanly and accurately migrate more than 10,000 documents stored across as many as 50 different SharePoint 2003 site collections. Pinpointing the exact documents and then moving them to the cloud is a very manual and time consuming process that normally would have greatly added to the cost and timeframe of the project. This was simply not feasible for the client.

With a deep understanding of technology solutions and a constant drive to improve technology management for clients, the VP with the solutions provider, was determined to find a solution that would work for his client. His efforts and research led him to Vyapin and XPlica content migration solution for SharePoint.

Solution: Vyapin’s XPlica Delivers

Vyapin’s XPlica for SharePoint is a powerful tool that exports SharePoint sites, libraries, folders, documents, version histories, and metadata to a new target location. It seemed like exactly the kind of solution that the solutions provider needed for the client.

Trial Version Proves Itself Right Out of The Gate

In order to evaluate the XPlica product, Bill took advantage of the free trial available on Vyapin’s web site. XPlica has a familiar wizard and file- like user interface that made it easy and intuitive to use. He was pleased to find that XPlica includes the ability to handle complex migration rules and consolidates and organizes site collections, lists, libraries, and documents between SharePoint Servers. An initial test with the trial version proved out the features and accuracy of the tool and confirmed that it would be a good fit for the full migration.

Vyapin’s Responsive Team

As the move to the SharePoint Online environment progressed, the VP and the team at the solutions provider identified additional features they would like to see in the product. That’s where Vyapin’s development and customer support teams really demonstrated their commitment to partnering. Vyapin’s development team incorporated the feedback from the solutions provider into XPlica’s feature set to make it even more suited to moving documents to O365 SharePoint Online. Throughout the effort, Vyapin’s customer support team was highly engaged, checking in proactively on the project and responding quickly to any e-mails or questions that needed addressing to keep project on track.


By using XPlica, the solutions provider was able to move the client’s documents from multiple on-premises SharePoint collections into the cloud safely, accurately, and cost effectively. Benefits of the solution included:

  • Time and Cost Savings. With over 10,000 documents spread across up to 50 collections, it would have been prohibitively time consuming and expensive to move to the cloud without XPlica’s feature set. In addition, Vyapin was flexible in working with the solutions provider and the end client to develop a licensing and pricing model that fit the structure and timing of the project.
  • Accuracy and Precision. XPlica’s features enabled targeting of specific hierarchies and selecting precisely the right documents to move to new locations in the cloud environment. This ensured that the client could find what they needed without impacting day-to-day business operations.
  • Partnership and Responsive Support Team. Successful delivery was made possible by having access to support experts who were ready, willing, and able to act on feedback, incorporate product feature enhancements, and provide timely responses to queries.

Often, running your business requires you to make the seemingly impossible, possible. In those instances, you can trust in companies that bring experienced, knowledgeable people together with flexible, powerful, easy-to-use products to get the job done just as the solutions provider and Vyapin did in this case.

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