IIS Reporting for IIS 6 and IIS 7

Due to major technology differences between IIS6 and IIS7 we have two reporting tools for IIS:

1. Admin Report Kit for IIS v4.x / 5.x / 6.x

2. Admin Report Kit for IIS 7.0

Both the tools have similar features, except that ARK for IIS 7 is a completely new application developed from scratch using .NET. We are just about to release the latest version of ARKIIS for IIS7 which will include a major feature to compare IIS configurations across sites, virtual directories and servers. This feature is already available in ARKIIS for IIS 5.x/6.x.

The compare feature for IIS is a great feature loved by all our customers. IIS is a real monster when it comes to the number of different configuration parameters. So, when it comes to migrating to new servers, revamping existing ones or setting up new sites and directories, it is important that you compare the new IIS settings with a baseline reference and ensure that they have all been configured right as per your internal policies.

We have improved the Compare feature further and will be made available in the upcoming release (in the next couple of weeks). We have also added a new Report navigation pane to better locate the desired reports.