How does XPlica help in migrating sites and lists that use deprecated templates in SharePoint 2007 / 2010?

XPlica Help In Migrating Deprecated Sites And Lists

We have discussed about the deprecated / discontinued templates in my previous blog Discontinued Site and List templates in SharePoint 2013 and above . In this article, We will show you how XPlica helps you to migrate the sites / lists that use the deprecated / discontinued templates from the legacy SharePoint servers (2003, 2007 and 2010) to your new SharePoint environment (2013 and above).

Note down the list of deprecated / discontinued templates used in your source SharePoint and plan for the alternative templates to be used in target SharePoint (either based on Microsoft’s recommendation or your own custom template).

Now, open XPlica application and go to ‘XPlica Template Manager’ dialog (Template’s Mapping Templates…). Under ‘Site and List Template Mapping’ section, create a new template (say, ‘Deprecated’) as shown below.

Site and list template mapping

Create a new template

Once you created a new template, you have the option to map source site / list template with target site / list template using the template name. Make sure you map each and every deprecated / discontinued template in the list (that you have prepared at the beginning) with the desired target template as shown below and save the template and close XPlica Template Manager dialog.

XPlica template manager

Then, create a new task to migrate your source site to target location and navigate to the Mapping Templates step (7 of 14) in XPlica task wizard and select the template ‘Deprecated Templates Mapping’ (the one that I have created in previous step as a template) for ‘Site and List Mapping Template’ selection as shown in the screenshot below. Proceed with the subsequent wizard steps, save and run the task.

Mapping templates

Once the task is completed, you will notice that the sites / lists that used the deprecated templates in source SharePoint are created / replaced with the new template that was mapped in the target SharePoint location.

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