DocKIT for SharePoint v8.1 enhancements

A new version of DocKIT for SharePoint has been released with certain feature enhancements:

  • New functions and enhancements to the old functions in the Function Builder to build dynamic metadata
  • Regular expressions support for pattern matching in the Function Builder tool
  • User-friendly UI in the Function Builder

Newly added functions in the Function Builder tool are as follows:

  • Split – Splits the given string with a specified character and returns the value from the specified occurrence.
  • GetString – Returns the string value that matches with the regular expression pattern.

The Function Builder dialog box is designed as text editable form. It is easy to construct a function to parse and assign metadata value for the SharePoint column. A simple Function Builder dialog is shown below:


The Function Builder allows you to create custom functions according to your metadata requirements. The Function Builder has nested functions support, intelli-sense popups to auto complete functions, file property names & metadata fields and built-in onscreen help to speed up the process of building functions to parse document metadata.

An Example: Changing or modifying the file name using the Function Builder tool

In the example below, let us say we would like to tag the parent folder name of the document in the file name in SharePoint i.e., OriginalFileName.doc to be renamed as OriginalFileName-ParentFolderName.doc.

Original File Name
Source Path
New File Name

Select an existing template or create a new Column Mapping template

template manager 81

Select Name column (property) and click Edit button or double click the Name column

select template manager

Select Use Function option in the Source drop down

edit column

Click Function button in Edit Column

edit column function

Construct the Formula as shown in the screenshot below and press OK


Assign formula value to file Name property

modified template manager
Assign this column mapping template to the migration task and execute the task. DocKIT uses the formula to compute the file name during the migration and assign the new file name to the document when performing the migration from file share to SharePoint. It’s that simple!

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