ARK for SharePoint 2010 (ARKSP) released!!

Admin Report Kit for SharePoint, our powerful SharePoint administration and reporting tool is now officially released in line with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 release. It is our first official product release for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.

ARK for SharePoint 2010 with its 80+ out-of-the-box reports presents configuration information about various objects associated with the SharePoint environment. The following is a brief summary of the Built-In reports available:

1.Web Application Level reports: Information about Web application settings and features, site collection details, site collection administrators, site collection workflow templates, site collection features, web application user permissions, e-mail settings, content database definition, site collection quotas and limits information, page visits corresponding to the web applications.

2.Site Level reports: ARKSP at a Site level reports information about Sites & Sub-sites configuration details, site security settings, lists created in a site, alerts, site features, site permission levels, site people & groups, site permissions, site content types, site hits summary, page hits, site visitors, web pages, web parts utilization, recycle bin, list templates and audit event reports corresponding to the site.

3.List Level reports: ARKSP reports List Summary and Configuration, List activity, Modified date of the List, List permissions, Security associated with the List items, List Visits and List Hits, Newly added List items, Recently modified/deleted items, Version history, Audit event reports, Available List Columns, Workflows, Views, Templates, File Types, List Size and List of checked-out documents corresponding to the List.

For a 30 day trial version please visit our ARKSP product home page at