Active Directory Reports

A short note about our Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD). This product of ours has evolved over time and has essentially become a single solution for  Administrative reporting, Management reporting and Compliance reporting such as SOX and HIPAA.

The latest version includes a broad range of built-in reports that pretty much cover everything a company needs for all aspects of AD reporting. One of the outstanding feature of the product is the ability to let users customize the report fields and formats in a variety of ways. All the built-in reports may be filtered (to reduce the size of the report), customized (to get the required fields in a certain order and format) and the settings may be saved for repeated use in the future.

Another outstanding set of reports in ARKAD are the Forest Reports. The Forest Reports lets you take reports for your entire organization by letting you run these reports across multiple domains in a forest. For example, one great use of the Forest report feature is to check users who are members of groups in other domains. A user in domain X may be a member of a group in domain Y. ARKAD generates a list of all such users who have cross group-membership across domains in a forest. This is very useful in tracking down users and their groups in complex multi-domain AD deployment.